Public Speaking for Developers

Date: March 22, 2013
Time: 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM CDT

Have you ever needed to give a presentation to your local user group?

Do you need to present a topic to your team?

Have you ever wanted to speak at a technical conference?

If you answered yes to at least one of those questions then we are presenting Day Camp 4 Developers #5: Public Speaking for Developers just for you.

We have selected 4 presenters that we feel are great at presenting technical topics. Each of them is a developer, each of them has a history of public speaking, and each of them has agreed to share what they have learned over the years.

Laura Thomson

Secrets To Success: How To Propose A Talk And Get It Accepted.

Laura Thomson

You’ve decided to take the plunge and start giving talks. Perhaps you have even proposed some and had them rejected. In this session, I’ll talk about how to get your talks accepted. I’ll cover:

  • Coming up with a talk topic
  • Finding the right venue for your talk
  • Tailoring your talk to conference needs and requirements
  • Different types of talks
  • Writing successful proposals
  • What talk selectors look for: what you can do to help them (and what you can’t)
  • Transforming your proposal into a successful talk!

Attendees should leave the session ready to propose their first conference talk.

Lorna Mitchell

Preparing To Speak

Lorna Jane Mitchell

So you submitted to speak … and got accepted. Congratulations! This talk covers what to do now, and how to prepare yourself and your talk for the big day.Whether your audience is big or small; friends, colleagues or clients, we’ll run through the important elements of being able to deliver your message in a clear way. There will be tips on the right tools to use and some resources that will help you to get you thinking. We’ll talk about how to outline the material, tell a story, and figure out if you have too much content – or too little! Finally there will be some advice on rehearsing the material, and what to do, wear and bring on the day. If you’ve ever wondered how prepare thoroughly to deliver a presentation with great content that will run to time, this is the session for you.

Elizabeth Naramore

Baby Steps To Ballroom Dancing: Getting On The Path To Speaking Success

Elizabeth Naramore

When trying something new, it’s tempting to just throw yourself in the deep end of the pool and see if you can swim. When we do that, we set ourselves up to fail, and the results can be disastrous. In this talk, I’ll give you practical advice on how to set yourself on a path that will encourage your own success, and grow your skills as a public speaker little by little.

Keith Casey

Worst Case Scenario

Keith Casey

“Be Prepared” isn’t just the Boy Scout Motto, it’s an absolute necessity in public speaking. Things go wrong. If you’re lucky, it’s a typo you can easily ignore. In the real world, it will be flaky internet, the wrong slide resolution, annoying audience members, or even construction in the next room. Rehearsal is the easy answer but doesn’t begin to protect you against all the things that will go wrong. In this presentation, we’ll cover and demonstrate effective tactics and strategies to save the day and your sanity.