What I love most about DC4D is that I get conference-level talks from the comfort of my desk — talks that I can revisit for further exploration — and all for a very affordable price that makes it a no-brainer for management.

   – Eric Poe: Attendee

One of the best investment I’ve made in my career was attending the Day Camp 4 Developers events. Every time, I got to see great presentations by experienced speakers. I’ve learned things about many different subjects. Some things I could use immediately. Others that I used months later, but knew how to get started because I saw them on DC4D. DC4D helped me improve as a developer.

I also enjoyed having team tickets. The presentations are great to start discussions amongst the team. It’s great to learn new things and debate them with the rest of the team to see how we could use them in our work.

   – Eric Hogue: Attendee

I always make sure my team has access to the best information sources in order to help them to continue to learn how to make my company successful. This is why DC4D is a must for my employees!

“My team and I enjoy listening to great talks given by well-known PHP developers, while eating pizza and having fun with the other teams we meet online at DC4D. It’s always a great day of learning!”

   – Andrew Caya: Attendee

Day Camp for Developers looks like a great little gold nugget for budding new talent as well as old dogs like myself.
  – The Code Snob: Career Growth and Day Camp for Developers

The fact that someone, somewhere, has seen the importance of the social skills. I’m seeing some fantastic posts going out about the event and I think it’s really relevant.
  – Lorna Jane Mitchell: Day Camp For Developers

For me the difference is on a level, that has nothing to do with coding-skills but with the soft-skills necessary to a really good developer…All of these – and even more – topics are now addressed in the next Day Camp 4 Developers.
  – Andreas Heigl:What makes a good developer?

…to try and improve myself on all those “soft skills” that I either don’t have or never thought I needed, I will be attending the Day Camp for Developers online conference.   – Ligaya Turmelle: Attending Day Camp for Developers

During my corporate days, I strongly believed that developers needed to spend time learning soft skills away from building programs. And it’s more important than ever in today’s job market that developers learn soft skills including the ability to present and communicate to a wide variety of audiences.
  – CenterNetworks: Day Camp for Developers Helps Developers Learn Non-Tech Skills

The most interesting thing about this conference is that it is about the “soft skills” that you need as a developer. There are many conferences that deal withe the technical skills improvements that you need, but less that handle the rest of your job, so this piqued my interest.   – Rob Allen: Day Camp for Developers virtual conference


  • This is the conference that’s missing at any tech-conference. It’s all about the “other stuff” you need to know running your tech business, presented by experts with great speaking skills that can capture your attention the whole time. Invest a day in your career! It’s well worth it.

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