PHP Profiling, an Introduction


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Presented on September 18, 2015

Presented by Fabien Potencier

Part of the meeting: Debugging Beyond var_dump()

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During this session, we will talk about inclusive and exclusive costs, wall time, cpu time, memory, callers, callees, callgraphs, aggregations, comparisons, and then some more. You will learn what profiling is and why it should become part of your daily arsenal. After the theoretical basis of performance analyzes, we will look at the corresponding tools: Xdebug, XHProf, and Blackfire. We’ll then see how profiling is not only about performance: when you don’t know the inner of an application, looking at call graphs is like seeing through your app – it’s a lens on how its internals work. Can you imagine a doctor doing surgery without medical imagery? That’s what profiling is for a developer. You shouldn’t miss it out.