Supercharging Content Delivery with Varnish


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Presented by Samantha Quiñones (@ieatkillerbees)

Presented on August 10, 2015

Part of the meeting: Performant PHP

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You have amazing content and you want to get it to your users as fast as possible. In today’s industry, milliseconds matter and slow websites will never keep up. You can use a CDN but they are expensive, make you dependent on a third party to deliver your content, and can be notoriously inflexible. Enter Varnish, a powerful, open-source caching reverse proxy that lives in your network and lets you take control of how your content is managed and delivered. We’ll discuss how to install and configure Varnish in front of a typical web application, how to handle sessions and security, and how you can customize Varnish to your unique needs. This session will teach you how Varnish can help you give your users a better experience while saving your company and clients money at the same time.