Scholarship application

Day Camp 4 Developers realizes that not everyone who would benefit from attending a DC4D event can afford to attend. Therefore, we set aside 10 tickets for each event for scholarships. If for whatever reason, you cannot afford to attend a DC4D event, fill out the form below and we will consider your appliction.

The fine print

Scholarships are not reserved for any particular race, gender or identity group. We believe that being inclusive means exactly that, including everyone. To that end, we only ask for a valid email address and the reason you are applying for a scholarship. Our scholarship program is not a marketing effort. If you are awarded a scholarship you are not “a winner”; it’s not a contest.
  • We will not announce your name publicly.
  • We will not request a quote from you for our website on how thrilled you are to be attending.
  • We will not call you out during the event.
The purpose of our scholarship is not to show everyone how awesome we are (that is what our marketing is for) the purpose is to allow those who might otherwise not be able to attend and learn, to be a part of the event. The bottom line is if you don’t tell anyone that you are attending on a scholarship, nobody but you will know. Filling out this form will not add you to any mailing lists. We will not send you any emails that do not directly pertain to your application for a scholarship. Those who are awarded a scholarship will be contacted the week before the event. We will announce on our twitter account (@daycamp4devs) when scholarships have been awarded. Once the scholarships have been awarded and those who were selected notified via email, we will delete the entries from our system.