Designing and Implementing GraphQL API

Mariusz Gil

Speaker: Mariusz Gil


REST architectural style, originally communicated by Roy Fielding 20 years ago, is well known in IT industry. Six constraints of REST style are the base of many of modern APIs, making things a lot of easier to implement and use. But there are plenty of cases where this concept introduces extra complexity or issues, where communication ping-pong between client and server is only one of them.

GraphQL is a concept of data query and manipulation language with corresponding runtime engine to fulfill queries with data stored in the application. GraphQL introduces a new approach of designing efficient communication, but also some challenges related with data processing or caching.

What you can expect from this talk? Some core knowledge about GraphQL concepts and archetypes, of course. But we are going to focus more on practical use-cases for GraphQL, from designing small APIs to implementing GraphQL-powered API Gateways on top of microservices architecture. You can expect examples in different languages/libraries and dedicated software to run GraphQL solution to see all possibilities you can use in your next project.


Mariusz Gil is software architect focused on high performance and scalable web applications connected with complex business domains. Trainer, consultant and conference speaker. He has been working for several companies on projects for millions of active users, from biggest social network and instant-messaging software in Poland to multi-billion PV content personalization and discovery platform. Mariusz is also member of 4Developers, PHPcon Programme Commitees and one of core members behind PHPers, open meetups for PHP developers in many cities in Poland. After hours, photographer and rock guitarist.