Deep Dive into Unit Testing

Date: December 20, 2013
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT

Day Camp 4 Developers: PHP Master Series Vol. III

Learn the best practices of Unit Testing with these four Unit Testing experts.

  • Everybody hates Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing helps you write better code faster
  • Everybody loves writing better code faster
  • Learn to love Unit Testing and write better code faster

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Michelangelo van Dam

Unit testing PHP apps with PHPUnit

Michelangelo van Dam

Unit testing, everyone talks about it and wants to do it but never gets around to actually start testing. Complex spaghetti code and time / budget pressures are often the reasons why nobody dives in and gets started with testing. But when the application breaks, and people loose money or worse it’s often too late.

In this talk I will take you on a journey with real examples that will show you how you can set up your tests, how to test complex situations with legacy spaghetti code, test web services, database interactions and how to gradually build a solid foundation to safeguard the core code base and everything around it.

Don’t you want to be confident when you walk out the office?

Chris Hartjes

Why You Can’t Test

Chris Hartjes

You know that you should be testing your code and working towards the Holy Grail of Continuous Deployment, but that amount of stuff you need to know is bearing down on you like a gigantic iceberg.

The tools are difficult. Developers are not taught testing practices from the beginning. You don’t have control over the environment. These are the real issues facing developers looking to commit to testing as a development practice.

Somewhere along the way we made the whole concept of “testing” difficult and intimidating. In this talk Chris Hartjes discusses his own experiences in dealing with creating an environment in which testing is easy and provides real benefits.

Ptah Dunbar

WordPress and Automated Testing, Really?!

Ptah Dunbar

Did you know that WordPress has an automated test suite? It contains well over 1500 integration tests and growing. However one of the primary culprits of WordPress is in the quality of its plugins. Most plugins don’t have an automated test suite you can run to verify all features are working as expected, and fail gracefully.

In this talk, Ptah will introduce you to automated testing in WordPress using PHPUnit. We will cover concepts like unit testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing with examples in WordPress. You will leave the talk equipped with practical knowledge and ready to start adding an automated test suite to your plugins.

Jeff Carouth

Guiding Object-Oriented Design with Tests

Jeff Carouth

A test suite is a very useful tool in any application. Often times people refer to unit test suites as a safety net for refactoring and modification. While that is one benefit of having a comprehensive testing strategy and implementation, the real power of unit testing comes when you learn to allow the tests you are writing to inform the design of your application. In this session we will explore the why and how of writing tests for code architecture and object-oriented design purposes. We will look at situations where tests are telling us we are introducing smells into our codebase and how we can correct those smells.

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