Modern PHP

Date: April 22, 2016 Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT Location: Online or video download

Remember when all you had to to do is shoehorn some PHP into your HTML page, rename it .php and you had a dynamic webpage? Those days are long gone. These days PHP is a sophisticated language and is the basis for many of the largest websites. These days PHP developers can create advanced applications on top of PHP. Applications that run fast and are horizontally scalable.

If you still think that PHP  global  and mysql_real_escape_string, you need to take another look. Join us for Day Camp 4 Developers: Modern PHP.

Day Camp 4 Developers, invest a day in your career.

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Lorna Mitchell

What To Expect From PHP7

Lorna Jane Mitchell, @lornajane

We have a new major release of PHP! But what does this mean for PHP developers in the Real World (TM)? This talk has everything you need to know to be the expert. Find out how the remarkable performance improvements could look on your own system, and see the shiny new features in this major release of the web’s favourite scripting language. Get advice on how to upgrade your application, making use of the new features and avoiding the backwards compatibility traps. Developers and technical leaders everywhere who want to use better PHP will benefit from this session.

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Rob Allen

HTTP, PSR-7 and Middleware

Rob Allen, @akrabat PSR-7 is the new standard for handling HTTP requests and responses in PHP. In this session we’ll examine what this means for our applications now and in the future. By adopting this common interface our existing component frameworks will become even more interoperable and enable us to develop with more shared libraries between applications. Along with standard HTTP messaging formats comes the concept of middleware – separate components operating on requests and responses on the way in and out of the application – so we’ll discuss this too. If you want to see how PHP applications will be built in the future, this session is for you.

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Christopher Pitt

Turn On The Generator!

Christopher Pitt, @assertchris

Zombie apocalypses are the worst. Low on food, low on water, low on power. The worst part about zombie apocalypses are the waiting. But we can prepare for that…

This is a talk about the new yield keyword. How it works, what it’s good for, and how to make the most of it. We’ll unpack the structure of a generator, and replace some old parts of our application with new, efficient and wonderfully readable code.

Join me as we fight off the hungry hordes, and unlock the true power hidden in PHP generators.

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Asynchronous PHP with Icicle

Aaron Piotrowski, @trowski2002

PHP is normally used to write synchronous code that is run on a per-request basis within a web server. However, PHP can also be used to create stand-alone, long-running programs. These programs often need to handle many clients or tasks at once without blocking on a single task. Asynchronous operations allow many tasks to be performed cooperatively without blocking, but PHP does not immediately lend itself to asynchronous programming.

Icicle is a library to facilitate writing asynchronous code using synchronous coding techniques to create asynchronous programs written using only PHP. Icicle uses awaitables (promises) and generators to create cooperative coroutines that allow programmers to use synchronous coding techniques to write asynchronous code. This talk will first introduce some of the basic concepts of asynchronous programming. Next, the talk will introduce awaitables as a replacement for callbacks and explain how awaitables can be used with generators to create coroutines. Finally, the talk will look at the packages available for Icicle and explain how they can be used to create a web application server written only in PHP.

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Sara Golemon

Hack ALL the Things!

Sara Golemon, @SaraMG

Abstract: 20 years after its inception, PHP continues to adapt to new challenges in exciting and sometimes unexpected ways. Leading that charge is Hack: An evolution of the PHP language built around comprehensive type safety, tightly integrated asynchronous processing, and a simple, but elegant presentation layer called XHP. Take a tour with me as we explore this modern dialect of the easy and familiar PHP you’ve come to know and love.

There is a video of this talk available.

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