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Presented on April 22, 2016

Part of the meeting: Modern PHP

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Remember when all you had to to do is shoehorn some PHP into your HTML page, rename it .php and you had a dynamic webpage? Those days are long gone. These days PHP is a sophisticated language and is the basis for many of the largest websites. These days PHP developers can create advanced applications on top of PHP. Applications that run fast and are horizontally scalable. If you still think that PHP global and mysql_real_escape_string, you need to take another look. Join us for Day Camp 4 Developers: Modern PHP.


What to Expect from PHP7 with Lorna Jane Mitchell

HTTP, PSR-7 and Middleware with Rob Allen

Turn on the Generator with Christopher Pitt

Asynchronous PHP with Icicle with Aaron Piotrowski

Hack ALL the Things! with Sara Golemon