Driving Innovation with MySQL 8.0 and Docker


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Presented by Kathy Forte

Presented on May 31, 2019

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You as a MySQL architect are wondering about how you might make use of running MySQL in a container. You are also aware that the MySQL team at Oracle has recently released a new version of MySQL 8.0 with many advantages for both developers and DBAs.

I will illustrate 8.0 features with a real-time demo of MySQL 8.0 within a Docker container and why you’ll want to incorporate both into your DevOps environment. This demo highlights why a container is perfect for testing MySQL, how to set up your MySQL 8.0 container, and outlines which features within MySQL 8.0 are perfect for containers.


Kathy Forte is a Solutions Architect for the MySQL division within Oracle where she is working with cloud technology, distributed databases and the MySQL server. She has been working in the relational databases realm for over twenty years as a developer, trainer, sales engineer, and technical manager. She previously worked at ParAccel as a part of a team that developed the massive parallel columnar database that is the foundation of Redshift’s cloud-based data warehouse.

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