Operationalize Your Code: How To Be BFFs With The Ops Team


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Presented on July 29, 2016

Presented by Laura Thomson (@lxt)

Part of the meeting: Ops for Devs

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So you’re a webdev, and you’ve been reading up on devops. Most of what you read is aimed at ops people: configuration as code, measuring and monitoring all the things, tearing down silos. As a developer, what’s your role here? In this talk, I’ll show you how to be a good developer for your ops team. The developer who is trusted. The developer who isn’t an ops person, necessarily, but understands enough. Not the developer who is cursed at 3 AM when their code breaks production—again. Not the developer who chooses new technologies on the basis of shininess. I’ll cover:
  • Development environments (“It worked on my laptop!”)
  • Technology choices (“All the cool kids are using FlakyDB.”)
  • Building instrumentation points into code (“What makes you think it’s not working?”)
  • Deployment planning (“Can we push at 5pm Friday?”)
  • Personal responsibility (“Sorry I didn’t answer my phone”)