Ops for Devs

Date: July 29, 2016 Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT Location: Online or video download

“But…but…it works on my machine!”

If you’ve uttered these words then get ready, either you are going to learn to automate testing and deployments, or your machine is going into production. DevOps is the buzzword of the past few years in development circles, but what is it really? Come learned with us as our five experts show you.
  • Learn what you need to know to automate testing on your project
  • Learn how to build a repeatable deployment infrastructure
  • Learn how to organize your development team to make working with operations easy
  • Learn how to DevOps.

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Chris Tankersley

Deploying Containers with Rancher

Chris Tankersley, @dragonmantank You have talked your development team and relevant people into using containers, and everything is going great. Now you need to deploy your app, but how do you do it? How do you manage multiple environments like Staging and Production? How do you get your container images where they need to go? Do you need a full stack of orchestration like Mesos or Kubernetes? Each application and deployment situation is different, but one tool can help small and medium-sized applications manage all these containers floating around. Follow along as we look at Rancher, a free and open source management software for your containers, which will provide you not only with server and container management, but deployment options as well. There is a video of this talk available. Purchase Video
Frederic DewineOswald De Riemaecker

BizDevOps for PHP

Frédéric Dewinne, @fdewinne and Oswald De Riemaecker @oswald_odr This talk starts with a comparison of the different practices and tools to streamline product development from business specifications to deployment in production. I will also show you how to take advantage of the cloud to deploy your application in production but also in ephemeral environment for validation and quality assurance. There is a video of this talk available. Purchase Video
Graham Christensen

Immutable Servers: Safe Deployment, Every Time

Graham Christensen, @grhmc Deploying code is complicated business, and a bit of a Continuous Delivery trap. How can you be sure this deploy will be okay? Immutable servers simplifies the final step of deployment, improves incident response, and reduces risk where the code meets the customer, the malicious user, and the rest of the world. In this talk we will discuss why Immutable Servers, and implement a continuous delivery pipeline for an example web app. There is a video of this talk available. Purchase Video
Joe Ferguson

Puppets, Chefs, and Ansibles – Making Sense of the Provisioning Circus

Joe Ferguson, @JoePFerguson COME ONE! COME ALL! As we explore the circus of server provisioning and automation tools. Watch the puppet show and learn how to make your servers dance at your command! We’ll manifest production environments right before your very eyes! See the cooking show where our Chef whips up a fresh batch of servers from their playbooks ready to bring your application to your visitors! Lastly, watch how Ansible makes easy work of automating everything from application deployments to server updates. We’ll even cover your servers in fabric – the pythonic remote execution tool for server automation! We’ll give a whirlwind tour of each tool and show real world examples of usage. We’ll compare, contrast, and maybe enjoy some cotton candy while we wait for the tools to run! There is a video of this talk available. Purchase Video
Laura Thomson

Operationalize Your Code: How To Be BFFs With The Ops Team

Laura Thomson, @lxt So you’re a webdev, and you’ve been reading up on devops. Most of what you read is aimed at ops people: configuration as code, measuring and monitoring all the things, tearing down silos. As a developer, what’s your role here? In this talk, I’ll show you how to be a good developer for your ops team. The developer who is trusted. The developer who isn’t an ops person, necessarily, but understands enough. Not the developer who is cursed at 3 AM when their code breaks production—again. Not the developer who chooses new technologies on the basis of shininess. I’ll cover:
  • Development environments (“It worked on my laptop!”)
  • Technology choices (“All the cool kids are using FlakyDB.”)
  • Building instrumentation points into code (“What makes you think it’s not working?”)
  • Deployment planning (“Can we push at 5pm Friday?”)
  • Personal responsibility (“Sorry I didn’t answer my phone”)
There is a video of this talk available. Purchase Video