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Presented on July 29, 2016

Part of the meeting: Ops for Devs

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“But…but…it works on my machine!”

If you’ve uttered these words then get ready, either you are going to learn to automate testing and deployments, or your machine is going into production.

DevOps is the buzzword of the past few years in development circles, but what is it really? Come learned with us as our five experts show you.

  • Learn what you need to know to automate testing on your project
  • Learn how to build a repeatable deployment infrastructure
  • Learn how to organize your development team to make working with operations easy
  • Learn how to DevOps.


Deploying Containers with Rancher with Chris Tankersley

BizDevOps for PHP with Frédéric Dewinne, and Oswald De Riemaecke

Immutable Servers: Safe Deployment, Every Time with Graham Christensen

Puppets, Chefs, and Ansibles – Making Sense of the Provisioning Circus with Joe Ferguson

Operationalize Your Code: How To Be BFFs With The Ops Team with Laura Thomson