PSR-7 in the Middle


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Presented by Matthew Weier O’Phinney (@mwop)

Presented on August 10, 2015

Part of the meeting: Performant PHP

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PHP, while built for the web, provides little in the way of HTTP message abstraction; in fact, it often gets in the way of accessing even trivial aspects of requests such as headers! For this reason, many developers turn to frameworks, as a primary facility of most is to provide HTTP message abstractions. Doing so introduces a problem: most frameworks impose non-trivial performance overhead. PSR-7 is an initiative of the Framework Interop Group, and provides interface abstractions for HTTP messages. The goal is to allow better re-use of web-facing code — but one expected outcome is that Middleware solutions will naturally evolve. What is middleware? Code that sits between a request and a response. In this talk, we’ll look at PSR-7, some common middleware patterns, and how middleware may allow you to create application architectures that can reduce bootstrapping overhead in order to deliver more performant websites.