The Accidental Architect: On Becoming an API Architect in a Digitally Transforming Enterprise


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Presented by Joyce Stack (@Joyce_Stack)

Presented on July 20, 2018

Part of the meeting: Plumbing the Internet: Proper API Design

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Like most major companies Elsevier is reacting to shifts in the industry and embracing the importance of an Enterprise API Platform in the modern enterprise. In this talk, Joyce will provide a unique perspective of her current experiences in establishing an API mindset in an organisation with 1000+ technologists. How to start? What are the daily challenges? How do you address them? As APIs are the intersection between human and machines then you can expect to hear about challenges from a technical, cultural and personal perspective. Topics will include OpenAPI technical debt, trying to build that first exemplar, setting up an API Guild, Imposter Syndrome and learning to play the long game. Attendees can expect to leave the talk with lessons learned and some actions they can implement in their own teams.

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