The Modern PHP API


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Presented by Mike Stowe | @mikegstowe

Presented on December 20, 2019

Part of Modern Web Programming

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Mike Stowe



Technology is constantly changing, and with it new approaches and buzzwords abound. So how do you actually build a scalable, secure PHP API? In this session we’ll look at the advantages of each type of API, how to build a modern RESTful API, available PHP frameworks, and new projects that provide added flexibility and increased speed – eliminating the need for multiple API calls and allowing the client to customize the data returned.


Author of Undisturbed REST, Michael Stowe has spoken at conferences around the world. An active advocate for creating better architectures and interfaces, his work has also been featured on ProgrammableWeb, DZone, and InfoQ. You can view his past talks and slides at and follow him on Twitter @mikegstowe.

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