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June 2, 2017

Five videos including:

  • Cryptography In Depth with Adam Englander
  • Mastering OAuth 2.0 with Ben Ramsey
  • Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe with Eric Mann
  • Let’s Get Random: Under the Hood of PHP 7’s CSPRNG with Sammy Powers
  • Cooking with Sodium in PHP 7.2 with Scott Arciszewski
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Application security is on everybody’s mind these days. Every day we hear of another site hacked or another data breach. Does your team do everything it can to keep your site secure and your data safe?

Join us for the next Day Camp 4 Developers as five experts teach you and your team about Cryptography and Security. Get your whole team a ticket for Day Camp 4 Developers: PHPAppSec on June 2, 2017

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