So Your Boss Says You Need to Learn Data Science


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Presented by Susan Ibach | @HockeyGeekGirl

Presented on May 31, 2019

Part of the meeting: Data

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Data science has become one of *those* buzzwords. It seems like everyone is talking about how they need to build their data science skills and do more data science. But what does that actually mean? What’s the difference between data science and artificial intelligence? When does data become big data? Do the skills I have now translate to the world of data science? Join this session to learn the language and the concepts of data science so you can figure out when to use it and where to get started.


Head Geek, HockeyGeekGirl Inc

Susan started geeking out on basic SQL many years ago and never looked back. She started out working at a consulting firm doing development and then became a technical trainer and popular presenter at conferences on topics including databases and business intelligence. Somewhere along the way this led her to 8 years at Microsoft helping developers do more through program management, technical evangelism and developer advocacy. She is now a consultant in developer evangelism and advocacy and spends a lot of time working in the data science and artificial intelligence space.

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